RCLS model

  • Frame fully reinforced according to SS3021 (UNP200), DIN30722/SFS4417 (INP180)
  • Rounded sides 3mm S355 (Hardox 450/Strenx 700 are available on demand as well 4mm/5mm thickness)
  • Bottom 5mm S355 (Hardox 450/Strenx 700 are available on demand as well 3mm/5mm thickness)
  • Full height front frame RHS160x80x5
  • No bottom profiles, support reinforcement 4pcs
  • Back beam 8mm Strenx 700
  • Top rail profile 200x80x8mm Strenx 700
  • Reinforced ribs on sides
  • Double side opening rear doors with 3, 4 or 5 hinges with grease nipple on each hinge with 12mm plates
  • Hook-type locking mechanism (other types of locking mechanism are available on demand)
  • Safety lock operated from the side
  • Galvanized ladder on front wall
  • Reflex decals
  • Surface treatment:
    - shot blasting sa 2.5
    - inside 60μm alkyd primer
    - outside min 120μm 2K polyurethane EN ISO 12944 C3M
  • Rolling tarpaulin cover
  • Steel flat roof
  • Steel arched roof
  • Steel net roof (steel grid)
  • Steel twin-sided roof
  • Manual light mesh cover 270 degrees opening
  • Sliding steel roof
  • Fliptop roof solutions www.fliptop.se
  • Cable winch for operation of roof
  • Hydraulic manual pump
  • Hydraulic combined pump (to operate with a drill)
  • Lifting jack
  • Steel plates on sides for logo stickers
  • LOGO stickers and serial numbers
  • Ladders on sides in back
  • Other extras are available on demand.


Osmussaare tn 8, 13811 Tallinn, Estonia

    +372 39 29393