CLA model

  • Frame fully reinforced according to SS3021 (UNP200), DIN30722/SFS4417 (INP180)
  • Bended at bottom straight sides 4mm (or 6mm) Hardox 450 or 4mm Hardox 500TUF
  • Bottom 90 degrees 6mm or 8mm Hardox 450 or 5mm Hardox 500TUF, 2380mm wide
  • Full reinforced front frame UNP180
  • Bottom frame profiles, support reinforcement 4pcs
  • Back beam 8mm S700
  • Top and back profiles 6mm S700
  • Front lashing hooks behind front frame 2pcs, front corner lashing hooks 2 pcs
  • Side wall lashing hooks 2t, 2pcs each side in the middle, 1 hook in back post
  • Galvanized ladder on front wall and driver side
  • Reflex decals
  • Surface treatment:
    - shot blasting sa 2.5
    - inside 60μm alkyd primer
    - outside min 120μm 2K polyurethane EN ISO 12944 C3M
  • D - combined top and side opening door with flap, hydraulic or pneumatic
  • HD – hydraulic opening top hinged door
  • HD2 - hydraulic opening top hinged door with double swing doors
  • HDD - hydraulic opening top hinged door with flap
  • G - combined top and side opening door with manual lock
  • GD -top hinged opening with double swing doors
  • Fliptop roof solutions
  • Steel plates on sides for logo stickers
  • LOGO stickers and serial numbers
  • Ladders on sides in back
  • Other extras are available on demand.

Dumpers and Tippers - products from Ecopress Waste Systems.

Dumpers and tippers are essential vehicles in the construction industry, designed to transport and unload materials efficiently. When it comes to their production, one company stands out as a leading fabricator, catering to the diverse needs of construction businesses. With a wide range of models available, their dumpers and tippers provide optimal performance, durability, and reliability, improving construction operations across Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, England, Ireland, and Iceland.

One of the key advantages of partnering with this fabricator is the ability to bespeak and order dumpers and tippers tailored to specific requirements. Whether it's a particular capacity, dimensions, or features, the fabricator's expert team works closely with clients to deliver customized solutions. By understanding the unique demands of construction projects, the fabricator ensures that their dumpers and tippers meet the exact needs of each customer.

The fabricator operates a state-of-the-art factory equipped with advanced machinery and technologies. With a strong emphasis on quality and precision, the production process adheres to rigorous standards and regulations. From the initial design phase to the final assembly, every step is meticulously executed to guarantee superior performance and longevity.

To provide customers with added peace of mind, the fabricator offers flexible contract options. Construction businesses can enter into contracts for the production of dumpers and tippers, ensuring a steady supply of these essential vehicles. By establishing long-term partnerships, the fabricator becomes an invaluable asset in meeting the transportation needs of construction projects, enabling seamless operations and increased productivity.

The production range of dumpers and tippers includes various models, such as the DUMPERS CLM, CLA, CLX, and RX, each designed to excel in specific applications. Whether it's transporting bulk materials or handling heavy loads, the fabricator's dumpers and tippers are engineered to perform reliably and efficiently in challenging construction environments. With cutting-edge features and robust construction, these vehicles maximize productivity and contribute to the overall success of construction projects.

Company Ecopress Waste Systems incorporates premises and manufacturing areas in Estonia, Sweden, Poland, logistics company and distributors in different European countries (Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, England, Ireland, Iceland, etc). This effective and successfully operating alliance is supporting the philosophy of the group - reliable and quality products, manufactured in proper time, at the best prices and on the assumption of customers' requirements and needs.

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