Standard specification / Type SHARK:

Compared with the other traditional press containers, SHARK costs more, but on the other hand it saves transport cost in a very reasonable way. Moreover, the new developed press container has a large variety of other advantages e.g. security, time and cost saving etc.

SHARK is a closed container, but a traditional press container is partly open. The cardboard or waste paper does not get wet, therefore weight is lower and costs are reduced. For the recycling companies job becomes much smoother and easier. Shark equipped with electronical locking system to prevent unjustified use.

Savings and better working environment: using a traditional press container, a large supermarket has to spend a minimum of 1 worker and one hour in each working day on helping the loading job, who must press the waste with his legs and feet. Filling chamber of SHARK is rather spacious that allows to load even big boxes.

Using SHARK the above costs will not take place any more as HAJEN has much more ability to handle the waste by itself. 

Pressing force, t
Electric motor, kW
One loading volume, m3

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