Model Underground B-Eco

Model Underground B-Eco

The container is made of steel S235, but the elements responsible for lifting and subject to significant load-bearing are made of steel S355. The above-ground part, called the pillar, is protected with powder coating technology and corresponds to the C4 anti-corrosion class. Waste inserts are made of stainless steel. The underground elements of the container are fully protected in the process of hot dip galvanizing. We offer proven solutions, but our engineers are able to adapt our product to your needs. They do this in terms of functionality and the necessary design. We understand the specifics of various markets and by creating innovative containers, we continue to develop them.When designing our container, we were guided by:

Functionality - It`s construction makes it easier to use it safely near the elderly, children and people with disabilities. Our smart containers communicate with electronic devices that provide access to the container and monitor its capacity.

Simplicity - The design is universal and compact. You can easily adapt the container to collect other types of waste, divide its chamber into two or three autonomous parts or change its capacity.

Design - The sleek design makes the container fit both with modern buildings and historic centers of European cities.

Durability - The superior materials we construct with will allow for many years of use, and our EU manufactured products guarantee constant, readily available access to service parts in the unlikely event they become necessary

The containers have been equipped with modern and proven safety systems in accordance with EN 13071 standard. Our offer includes a number of solutions securing the workplace while emptying the containers.


In order to meet the expectations of our customers, we have equipped our containers with many options for lifting and emptying systems. Because of this, they are compatible with most types of service cars and garbage trucks within Europe. All our lifting systems are designed and manufactured in accordance with EN 13071

Efficient Production and Sale of BOTTOM OPEN CONTAINERS Models Across Europe

In the realm of modern waste management solutions, BOTTOM OPEN CONTAINERS have emerged as a versatile and effective choice. As a reputable fabricator and supplier, we take pride in offering these innovative containers that redefine waste handling efficiency. Catering to a wide clientele across Europe, including Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, England, Ireland, and Iceland, our BOTTOM OPEN CONTAINERS come in three distinct models: Model Overground ECO, Model Overground GCC, and Model Underground B-Eco.

Precision Craftsmanship in Our Factory:
Our cutting-edge factory serves as the birthplace of excellence. Armed with skilled professionals and advanced technology, we ensure that our BOTTOM OPEN CONTAINERS are meticulously fabricated. Each container is designed to optimize functionality and durability, standing as a testament to our commitment to quality. From raw materials to the final touches, our production process adheres to the highest standards.

Available for Sale Across Europe:
With an unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, our BOTTOM OPEN CONTAINERS Models Overground ECO, Model Overground GCC, and Model Underground B-Eco are available for purchase across various European countries. These countries benefit from advanced waste management solutions that cater to both environmental concerns and operational needs.

Customized Solutions Tailored to You:
We understand that waste management requirements can vary greatly. Therefore, we offer bespoke solutions that align perfectly with your unique needs. Whether it's Model Overground ECO, Model Overground GCC, or Model Underground B-Eco, we can tailor these containers to your exact specifications. Our collaborative approach ensures that your vision is incorporated into the final product.Streamlined Ordering Process:

When you choose us, you're not just acquiring containers; you're forging a partnership. Our streamlined ordering process, coupled with transparent contracts, ensures effective communication and clarity. We value your time and trust, striving to deliver exactly what you envision. From the initial consultation to the final delivery, our dedicated team ensures a seamless and rewarding experience.

Elevating Waste Management Standards:
Our commitment to excellence drives us to produce BOTTOM OPEN CONTAINERS that exceed expectations. Model Overground ECO, Model Overground GCC, and Model Underground B-Eco are meticulously designed to address the dynamic waste management landscape. These containers not only meet industry standards but also set new benchmarks for performance and longevity.

In the ever-evolving world of waste management, our BOTTOM OPEN CONTAINERS stand as a symbol of innovation and efficiency. With the options of Model Overground ECO, Model Overground GCC, and Model Underground B-Eco, we offer solutions that cater to diverse needs. Partner with us to revolutionize your waste management approach. Contact us to place your order and experience excellence in waste handling like never before.

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